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Infant & Toddler Storage Cruiser

Regular Price: $223.49 Your Price: $189.97

This unit does double duty. It stores  toys in two large compartments and has sturdy side rails to support infants when they first start to pull up. It's just the right height to encourage babies to... More Info

Infant & Toddler See-Thru Storage Shelf

Regular Price: $335.99 Your Price: $285.59

A see-thru acrylic panel on the back of this unit helps teachers keep their eyes on more children at once! Similar to the Infant & Toddler Storage Shelf , this  unit  keeps materials organized and... More Info

Infant & Toddler Look-and-See Double-Sided Shelf

Regular Price: $352.89 Your Price: $299.96

This innovative double-sided storage unit solves the problem of where to safely display photos and pictures so that children can easily view them. The large surface area on the top of the unit can be... More Info

Infant & Toddler Tray Storage

Regular Price: $234.99 Your Price: $199.74

This is a very versatile unit for storing manipulatives, building toys, block sets, or other play materials. Toddlers can access play materials from both sides. Young tots can grab on to top rail and... More Info

Infant & Toddler Look-and-See Discovery Storage Table

Regular Price: $352.89 Your Price: $299.96

When asked "why" we say "why not?" Why not add some interest to a storage unit by including a mirror backing and clear acrylic panel? Use this unit for discovery materials and observe children make... More Info

Glider Rocker

Regular Price: $584.89 Your Price: $497.16

With our special design, you don’t have to worry about little fingers & toes getting pinched as the front and sides are enclosed. And, your youngsters (and instructors alike) will enjoy our super... More Info

Infant & Toddler Mini Tray Storage

Regular Price: $187.99 Your Price: $159.79

This petite unit offers two advantages. It works well in small spaces and suits some children who get easily overwhelmed by seeing too many toy choices at once. This smaller version of the Infant &... More Info

Sit Me Up, Deep Water/Almond

Regular Price: $79.99 Your Price: $67.99

Encourage little ones to sit up tall with our soft and cozy Sit Me Up allowing them to feel independent. The U-shaped design has a wide sturdy base and a durable surface to rest upon. Has a wipe clean... More Info

Infant & Toddler Storage Shelf

Regular Price: $293.99 Your Price: $249.89

Every classroom needs a standard toddler storage shelf. This unit is designed to keep materials organized and orderly. With 5 sectioned areas, toys can stand freely or be placed in baskets (sold... More Info

Podster Replacement Cover, Green

Regular Price: $26.99 Your Price: $22.94

Love the Podster and need an extra cover? Our Podster Replacement Cover is just like the original removable, washable cover. No zippers or buttons for total comfort from head to toe.  Green. Pillow... More Info

KYDZ Suite Mini Welcome Arch

Regular Price: $62.99 Your Price: $53.54

Archway provide a clubhouse feel for young children. Opening is 26˝" tall and 31˝" wide. No threshold. Connect to T-Height Hubs (24˝" high).  30"Hx 34"W x 1½"Deep... More Info

Mobile Mite Sensory Activity Table, Toddler

Regular Price: $204.99 Your Price: $174.24

The Mobile Mite Sensory Activity Table is a great addition to your classroom when space is a problem. Indoor/outdoor use. Includes one 4" deep Mega-Trays, 2 snap-on caddies, and a white plastic... More Info

Loving Me

Regular Price: $5.99 Your Price: $5.09

Whether it is a gentle kiss from mom, a hug from dad, a playful romp with an older brother, or reading with grandpa, babies and toddlers will discover the importance of family relationships in these... More Info


Regular Price: $6.99 Your Price: $5.94

Humans and animals care for their young in many ways. They share food, go swimming, cuddle, and of course, give plenty of hugs and kisses. See the similarities in this charming photographic book... More Info

Global Babies, Bilingual

Regular Price: $6.95 Your Price: $5.91

Appealing photos of babies from seventeen cultures around the globe are woven together by simple narration. GLOBAL BABIES presents children in cultural context. Diverse settings highlight specific... More Info

Cradle Me

Regular Price: $6.99 Your Price: $5.94

The rich Native American tradition of carrying babies safely, comfortably and close to their mothers in cradle boards endures to this day. Cradle Me celebrates Native American families and shows how... More Info

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Caring for Infants & Toddlers

What do infants and toddlers need? What do you need as an infant and toddler caregiver? How can you have the best infant and toddler environment? Becker's collection of materials, furnishings, and equipment for this age group has been carefully selected to reflect what we know about best practices for infants and toddlers. Check out the Resources tab on our website for a comprehensive list of products to set up your infant or toddler classroom or to enhance what you already have.

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